I’m a vegan graphic designer related with projects that works on changing world cruelty and greed.

I don't know what defines me best. Being a graphic designer, a vegan, a musician or an instruments builder. But I believe, more everyday, that what define us mostly is not what we do but rather [how] we do. Perhaps the thing in common of everything I do is the drive to look for real solutions to environmental and animal (human and non-human) needs, always trying to align my personal quest with the different problematics that our world faces.

What we do, what we think and what we eat is what we are. In a world directed by corporations where advertising has infiltrated in our personal spaces, to have control of our habits and avoid consumerism is a kind of heroic.

This implies reconnecting us with nature through organic and healthier process in order to develop a (bio) diverse and community-focused world where our learning, knowledges and skills can find richer places by moving away from the mercantile conception.